“Envoy Taking One Small Step to Help Another State In Need”

“Envoy Taking One Small Step to Help Another State In Need”


Like a lot of our friends and most of our country, Envoy has been super concerned, and praying and worried about our friends in Texas and now Florida as they face historic storms. 


When we found out fuel that normally comes to Georgia (our state) is being rerouted to Florida (our direct neighbors) and that the highway system leading out of the state of Florida to help those who are evacuating, will be severely congested over the next few days, we wanted to do whatever we can to help.


So tomorrow we will be letting our entire team work from wherever they can and predominantly their homes to alleviate any additional road congestion and especially any further gas consumption as the state may head towards a bit of a gas panic and shortage.


We believe this is a great move because it will make sure the people who want to seek safety from this storm will be able to.


Since we are equipped to work from anywhere. And…since as a company, we care about helping people, we are going to work remotely tomorrow.


We can take this small action, as a team of people in order to not consume unnecessary fuel. Though it will only make a small difference, at Envoy, we believe in helping everyone, and even small differences are helpful.


Please encourage your friends and family to only purchase the fuel they need while our state helps another state in need.


Also, any other companies who can do this as well, we encourage you to do so.  We can’t all be on the front lines, or donate millions, but to do what we can…that is being as happy and helpful as we can be...that’s what we are going to do and who we try to be.


Stay safe this weekend and do what you can to help.




Team Envoy