Living Out "Irrationally Helpful"


By Katie Torres

Our team at Envoy posted last night and this morning about an action we are taking as a company to be helpful to those who are currently faced with having to evacuate their homes in Florida.

This post is not intended to pat our company on the back. But I am writing it, because on a personal level, I am deeply moved by the fact that I get to work for a company who is so genuine in practicing what they preach.

Being irrationally helpful is not just a catchy slogan for our company.

It is not a sales pitch.

Being irrationally helpful, for the people on our team, is a way of life.

It is the day-to-day process of finding ways to be selfless, to serve the person with the need.

In our industry, this usually looks like helping people fix what's broken in their facilities so they can continue making a living. 

Today, it looked like helping people who had nothing to do with us personally, so they could find safety and security.

And every day, it all comes down to being helpful. 

The gratitude I have for this company is what fuels my passion to write blog posts like this one. 

Do something today to be selfless. Help someone. Even the smallest actions have a significant impact.