Reaching Your Goals: To the End Zone and Beyond


By Katie Torres

Have you ever seen the movie, Facing the Giants?

There is a scene in that movie where they practice what is called "the death crawl".

The death crawl sounds like a pretty dramatic name for an exercise, but even just watching the scene is enough to make your arms feel wobbly. 

And if you're anything like me, you'll also be in tears by the end of it too. I watched the scene before linking it above and I'm a blubbering mess.

Spoiler alert: The player in this scene carries his teammate the whole length of the field, using his arms to carry the entire weight of both himself and the other player.

What is most amazing about this is the fact that he does so blindfolded, only intending to reach the 50 yard line.

The suspense is thick as you watch his coach yell the entire time, encouraging him to keep going through the sweat and pain.

And just when he thinks he has nothing left, he falls into the end zone. 

First of all, whoever creates these kinds of scenes deserve gold medals for their ability to make people feel such strong emotions.

But I bring this scene up because I love how relevant it is to our lives.

Whether we are facing deep struggles in our personal lives, or trying to grow in our professions, the temptation is heavy to quit when the going gets tough.

But the most progress and growth occurs when we push through and are intentional about improving.

In our own company, one way we do this by being intentional about self-education. 

We are challenged to keep learning. In fact, we are paid to keep learning.

We each have our responsibilities within our roles for our job. But our growth does not end there.

We learn skills that may be just beyond our current comfort zones of knowledge so that we can improve and grow, both individually and as a company.

You see, we can never stop learning, or learn enough.

There is always a greater distance for us to go, even when we feel that we have reached the end.

Self-education is not the only means by which we can push ourselves to do greater, but it is the starting block for every other skill we could acquire to help us achieve our goals.

How will you push yourself further today?