Facilities Maintenance: Eliminating the Frustration


By Katie Torres

I spent some time this morning editing some drafts for blog posts, and I noticed something:

Over and over again, I saw the word, "frustration".

I noticed that I use this noun more than any other noun when trying to convey the message about obstacles within facilities maintenance.

And honestly, I was a little...well...frustrated about that.

You see, the reason I get so sick of using the word, "frustration" (aside from the fact that it is overused and makes for poor writing), is because it gets discouraging having to use that word so often to describe facilities maintenance. 

Maybe you feel this way too.

Perhaps you're going to work every day, frustrated about the problems your FM department is running into and wondering how to make it better.

You're seeing the work orders piling up, the mistakes being made, and the money that leaves you faster than you can type out "ETA".

You're sick of being frustrated.

And the truth is, facilities maintenance should be anything but frustrating.

It should be a point of pride for any FM department, knowing they are the backbone of the company, keeping everything running smoothly.

This is why Envoy does what we do. It is the reason we are so interested in being helpful to the people on the other side of the work order. 

We know that facilities maintenance is not just about fixing things; it's about helping people. It's about making sure that businesses succeed; helping people to go home at the end of every day, knowing they can look forward to a better day when they come back in the morning.

Your FM program can be one that is informed, proactive, and effective. It can also be a source of excitement and pride when the job is done well. 

Start making decisions today to eliminate the frustration.