The Number One Cause of Overspending in Facility Maintenance


By Katie Torres

If you were to name your single greatest obstacle with running your facilities maintenance program, what would it be?

We're willing to bet that overspending would be near the top of your list, and one of the areas you are most interested in making a change.

The first step in making that change is to find out where the overspending is happening, so you can stop the problem before it occurs.

Overspending happens for many different reasons, but the number one cause of this is due to unnecessary work orders.

And unnecessary work orders happen when there is a lack of asset tracking and detailed work order history on the equipment at your locations. 

Having the right management software can fix this.

Without a work order history and asset tracking, you are making uninformed decisions for your equipment and facilities, and you're spending money on unnecessary repairs.

But with a great software program, you have the ability to keep track of important data like repairs and spending, and to communicate quickly and effectively so no detail is missed.

You will have a complete history of repairs on your equipment, which means you are not guessing about when the last repair was made or when the next one needs to happen. So, you won't be spending extra on repairs before it's time.

You also know exactly what equipment you have, along with information on warranties and parts. So you won't be spending money on new equipment before your warranty is up, and you'll know exactly what you need when repairs are necessary.

If you're currently looking for great management software, you can find out more here

When you have the time, communication, and information you need to make decisions for your FM department, you will make a huge cut in overspending.