Facilities Maintenance: Where Are You Overspending?


By Katie Torres

Of all the concerns that FM departments typically have, overspending generally seems to be among the top of the list.

A lot of the problem with this is the inability to pinpoint where exactly those extra expenses are occurring, and how to stop them from popping up.

There are a few key areas where unnecessary maintenance costs crop up, though, and these are the areas you'll want to focus your attention to cut down on unnecessary spending:

Unnecessary work orders for warranty items.

If you warranty has not yet expired, but you don't know this because of poor tracking of data and assets, you will likely find yourself paying to fix or replace items before it is necessary. 

It is essential to have the proper management software to prevent these costs from sneaking up on you. Don't get stuck paying more than necessary simply because you didn't have the information on hand to make a decision. 

Unnecessary work orders for issues that could have been resolved by checking power supply or settings before calling out a vendor.

Calling a vendor may seem like the right thing to do when something is broken. But sometimes, it isn't.

There are times when all that is necessary is to switch on the circuit breaker, or check the settings on the temperature control for your cooler. 

You might find that less things are broken than simply needing some small adjustments, and you'll save yourself the expense of calling someone to do it for you.

Unnecessary breakdowns of equipment or mechanical systems because store personnel are not cleaning or taking care of your equipment and facilities as they should.

We see this a lot with fryers, with grease buildup and lack of proper upkeep. 

Avoid the extra work orders by making sure your equipment is being properly cleaned and maintained. It really can be as simple as wiping down equipment daily, and it will save you hundreds (if not thousands) down the road.