Choosing the Right Vendor for Your Maintenance Needs


By Katie Torres

Whether you're looking for vendors yourself, or trusting someone else to find them for you, you want to know that your vendors are going to do the job well.

You're probably looking for someone who is trustworthy, and someone who you can build relationship with to call on in the future, should the need arise.

Here are a few things to look for when looking for those kinds of vendors:

Vendors who communicate well are vendors who serve well.

Managing of vendors can be time consuming. Excellent communication changes this.

If you're not receiving adequate updates on work orders, or you're feeling left out of the loop on decisions or changes to plans, you're likely going to end up spending more, and losing time.

But even if communication is not a strong suit for your favorite vendor, there is still a way to improve this. A good management software will improve the communication between you and your vendors to lessen the possibility of mistakes and misunderstandings.

It's best to find vendors who are hyperlocal.

Hyperlocal vendors are great for a couple reasons:

One, it takes them less time to get to your site, therefore saving on travel expenses for you, and also improving chances of getting there quickly in the event of an emergency.

Two, hyperlocal vendors are likely known and used by other businesses around you. They may have relationships built with others, and have been proven already to be trustworthy and dependable. And if they are close, you can count on calling on them in the future.

Find vendors who share your values.

Are you sure your vendors have your best interest in mind? 

A sure way to tell is by paying attention to the values that they hold. 

If you value timely repairs, are they intentional about getting jobs done in a timely manner? If you value communication, are they communicating well? If you value a positive attitude, how are they responding to the problem?

If a vendor values what you value, they will work according to those values. And that makes for a job well done, according to standards you both share.