Reduce Unnecessary FM Costs By Focusing On These 2 Areas


By Katie Torres

What would happen if you were to find out that a good number of your current expenses in facilities maintenance are actually unnecessary costs to you and your company?

What would you do differently to make sure you were not spending more than you had to?

And, what would you do with the money you saved once you were able to avoid the extra costs?

Sometimes, it can seem like a long shot to start saving, especially with repairs having to be made continuously.

But if you're looking to change that pattern, here are the two areas you'll want to start focusing on more:

Process Improvement Savings 

What is your usual procedure for equipment failures? 

Most people usually react to these situations. Something breaks, and then they pick up the phone to find someone who can fix it for them.

This works fine until you see that the equipment keeps breaking, work orders keep piling up, and you find yourself in a pattern of reacting rather than acting on the problem to prevent it from happening in the first place.

So what can you do differently to break the pattern?

At Envoy, we do this a couple ways: first is asking what we're doing that technology could be doing for us. And the second is using processes (like not-to-exceed amounts) to control cost, and software to reduce the administrative burden.

Doing these things helps us to stay focused on our top priorities so we're not wasting time and money on things that can be done with better processes in place.

Maintenance Management Optimization 

Software not only helps to save time; it also provides us with the tools we need to make data driven decisions, helping to cut down on costs.

It gives the ability to keep track of repair history data, which helps to make better equipment and material purchasing decisions.

Our work order management software also provides us with communication and organization. We can send and receive updates throughout the entire work order process, from start to finish.

This means we know exactly what's going on at every step of the process. We are able to communicate this information quickly and effectively, and we're not left to chase after information.

Having the right technology and processes will help you save time, make the best decisions, and ultimately cut down on the cost for your facilities maintenance program.