Let's Talk About the "Why" in Facilities Maintenance


Katie Torres

What do you think of when you hear the words, "facilities maintenance"?

If you would have asked me this just a few years ago, I wouldn't have had much of an answer for you.

I might have thought you were talking about people like janitors or plumbers, or things like fixing broken equipment...but that's about all I would have said.

Not many people go into facilities maintenance because it's their dream. Most people just stumble into it and keep doing it when they're good at it or it provides an income.

I stumbled into it.

And I'm so happy that I did.

Every day, I work with the belief that facilities maintenance is not just about fixing things; it's about helping people.

I'm so passionate about that truth that I share facts about facilities maintenance on my personal Facebook page because I care so much about getting people to see how important it really is.

Facilities maintenance is not just about fixing things; it’s about helping people.

Every work order and 3 am phone call from a customer in need is an opportunity to make life better for someone else. 

Because every time equipment goes down, it's not always just an inconvenience.

Many times it's the difference between making a living that day or not. 

It's the difference between going home to spend time with family, or staying late to deal with the breakdowns.

It's having a company that's doing well, or having one that's struggling.

Facilities maintenance can make or break these things....

So, why facilities maintenance?

Because it helps people.

That's really it.

Facilities maintenance is about helping other people to be successful and make a living.

It's giving them the time they need and want for the things they care about most.

It's adding value to companies so that they grow and thrive.

Facilities maintenance is about being irrationally helpful.