3 Qualities of an Effective Facilities Maintenance Department


By Katie Torres

Facilities maintenance is the backbone of a well run business, but many companies do not give their FM program the kind of attention it deserves.

This is, in part, is because it is seen as an extra expense and added work.

But effective FM programs are worth investing in because they add value to your company. They do so in three major ways:

1. Effective FM programs improve your brand image.

Facilities maintenance matters to your brand; it directly affects the way your customers see you.

Dinner at a nice restaurant suddenly becomes less pleasant if you use the bathroom and it looks like this:

Your customers are looking for an experience, so make it a good one for them. Facilities maintenance gives you the ability to do that.

2. Effective FM programs extend the life cycle of equipment.

Your equipment lasts longer when you have the processes in place to make informed decisions on repairs.

You will have repair histories that tell you when your equipment was last serviced so you can determine when to service it next. 

Just like servicing an engine by changing the oil, making decisions based on repair history helps you to get the most life out of your equipment.

3. Effective FM programs minimize unnecessary spending.

Asset tracking/ management, complete repair histories, along with intentional processes all help to cut unnecessary spending.

Since you are extending the life cycle of your equipment, this also means you are eliminating the need to replace equipment before it is necessary. 

Less repairs and fewer replacements mean you are saving money (and a lot of it).

So, don't look at investing in your FM program as an extra expense.

Look at it as the only way in which you will truly be able to save time and money down the road.