Facilities Maintenance and Building Your Brand


By Katie Torres

Facilities maintenance is not just a fixing-what's-broken tool; it is also a branding tool.

A great facilities maintenance program can help to give you the time, organization, and resources you need to meet your goals and create a strong brand image.

Software and Technology

Having effective software and technology saves you time because you don't have to worry about lack of communication and organization.

You need a centralized location for work orders, a system of communication with vendors, and a way to get the important data that will help you make informed decisions for your equipment and repairs.

Having these things saves you time, and you can take that time and use it for planning and further developing your brand.

Life Cycle of Equipment

Having the software and technology mentioned above will help you extend the life cycle of your equipment.

Complete records of repair histories will show you when repairs are due next in order to keep your equipment well maintainted.

If your equipment is lasting as long as possible, it goes without saying that your company will be more efficient.

A company that is running smoothly, without the stress of constant repairs, is a company that is serving its customers well. This improves your brand image.

Cost Savings

Having well maintained equipment and facilities will also lead to a decrease in overall cost when you are not stuck paying for unnecessary expenses.

This means more funds are available to go toward your marketing and content department, which is an essential piece of building your brand image.

And, of course, your customers will see a building that looks great and will receive good service when your equipment and facilities are properly maintained. Who doesn't appreciate a building that is well taken care of?

So, if you're wondering if investing in your FM department is worth it, wonder no more.

It seems clear to us that having a well developed FM program leads to meeting goals and an overall improvement of brand image.