Why Your Brand Depends on Facilities Maintenance


By Katie Torres

My favorite restaurant is a small, quiet place in our downtown area.

The art on the walls is all very vintage and the pieces hang on a saffron-yellow wall, with deep red accents. The brick floor is unique and charming.

The lighting is warm in the evenings, with an abundance of natural light coming through the large windows during the day.

The food is good....it's not necessarily anything I couldn't get anywhere else but I choose to come here because I love how it feels in this particular restaurant.

There are tens of other restaurants I could choose from for a date night, but even the higher-end restaurants would not sway me from choosing this one.

Consumer behavior is driven by experience...

The reason I love this restaurant above all the rest is because of the experience it provides every time I visit. This is the same for every other consumer as well.

Previous generations placed more of a value on the product itself.

Millennials and those coming behind are looking for experience.

Facilities maintenance is more of a branding tool than it is a fix-what’s-broken tool.

People want to go have dinner with a group of friends where they can snap a photo for Instagram to capture the memory.

They want to shop at stores that have great lighting and a good use of space.

You don't have to spend a very long time on Instagram to see that people gravitate toward the places that will match their personal preference of expression.

What facilities maintenance has to do with it...

Believe it or not, your FM department does much more than fix what's broken.

Facilities maintenance directly affects your brand and the way your customers see you. 

When you think of fashion, your first thought is probably the clothes we wear, right?

The fact is, fashion includes every aspect of how we choose to portray ourselves; where we eat and what we look like in photos is a part of our expression of fashion.

This means that even the restaurants we choose to eat at will have to prioritize a part of their maintenance funds to go toward upkeep and refreshes.

The buildings will have to draw customers...Facilities maintenance is more of a branding tool than it is a fix-what's-broken tool. 

It is what you use to make sure your buildings are clean, up-to-date, and overall a place where people would want to spend their time.

So when you are tempted to think of facilities maintenance as an extra expense, remember that it actually the best investment you can make into your company, and to your brand.