5 Qualities of Great Facilities Managers

The phone rings, taking you from your sleep. You glance at the time before tapping that bright green button. It’s 1:34am.

The manager who called you is stressed. She was trying to close, but noticed the freezer is temping at 30 degrees. You listen to her concerns, tell her you understand, and immediately start working to make this problem go away.

Facilities maintenance is not glamorous. Sometimes…frequently, you are working in a situation like the one I just described. Because of this, it takes the right person, with the right qualities to do the job really well.


Great facilities managers have servant hearts. This means they have natural empathy and understanding for the people they help. They can put themselves in others' shoes. They seek fairness in everything. They treat customers, coworkers, and vendors equally. They generally want to help others because they believe it’s the helpful who win.


They take action. They pick up the phone instead of waiting for a call back. They own the problem through its solution. They take initiative to solve problems outside of their job description. They are self-starting and don’t require constant supervision. Finally, they believe the work is never complete.


Great facilities managers naturally see multiple options to solve one problem. They aren’t embarrassed to ask a “stupid question” if it leads to a great answer. They constantly seek information and love to learn. They ask “Why?” and then “Why?” and then “Why?” again. Most importantly, they listen to other people’s opinions.


They love growth and progress because keeping things the same is equal to falling behind. They crave responsibility and desire opportunities to prove themselves. They love achieving goals and HATE losing. They know what they want and are unwavering when it comes to expectations.


Great facilities managers do not gossip, because that hurts the team. They expect 100% from everyone. They celebrate when others succeed because they love seeing others improve. They accept responsibility for mistakes while giving praise for successes. They know that work is better when it’s done with others.

Pay attention the next time you come into contact with a great facilities manager. I guarantee you, they embody these qualities.