Removing the Obstacles


I like to sign myself up for some criticism every now and then by soliciting honest feedback from my customers via a phone call. They set the agenda and give me information I need to keep my team from being their favorite, most awesome vendor. It is a wonderful way to make sure my company’s solutions are in line with my customers’ problems. Plus it leaves us with a target to shoot at as we evaluate, create, and implement our plans and processes.

The good news for us is usually my list of shortcoming is longer than their list. I am hyper critical of our performance and irrationally optimistic about our ability to improve. As long as my list is longer than theirs we are only competing with ourselves which is a strong position to be in.

During a conversation with a customer today, I reconnected with an idea I believe is a major difference between great companies and average/poor ones. Great companies are filled with leaders who assume ultimate responsibility of the organizations shortcomings.

This means the leader makes it his or her job to search for every obstacle keeping the company from improving and then works to remove it. The most powerful question I ask my team is, “What do you need from me that is keeping you from being able to perform at a higher level?” It may be resources, training, time, poor systems, a slow computer, etc.

I trust I hired the right people. I trust my team’s insight. I trust when they ask for something it is because they need it. And I believe if I take on the responsibility of removing the obstacles , my team will respond by bringing their best.

To wrap up, my strategy is to hone in to the key characteristics my customers are asking for, pile on my additional level of expectation, and then make sure my team has everything they need to execute. We may not always get it right, but we put a whole lot of care behind our work.

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Turns out people love working with happy and helpful people, so we are looking for more of them.


At EnvoyFM, we are focused on delivering on 3 areas for our customers.

One. Incredible Communication

Two. Amazing Follow Through

Three. Irrational Honesty

We do this by combining awesome people and great technology.

Are you an awesome person who loves to help? Do you embrace technology? Want to work for a rapidly growing startup? Then we want you for your team.

We are looking to fill open Service Agent positions on our customer relations team.

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Your Job Is To Make Decisions, Right?

This post outlines how we help our customers save time and make better decisions.

Our customers are busy. Most of them have more work to do than time to do it. And since we believe it’s the helpful who win, we intentionally design helpfulness into our service strategy.

For most of our customers, the reason they are in the roles they are in is because of their ability to make sound facilities maintenance decisions.

One area that creates more work than necessary is having to dig for information in order to make a decision.

We believe that if we are able to take the fact finding off our customers plates, we can help reduce their workload to decisions.

It looks like this.

Any time we are describing work to our customers they get the full picture description.

We state…

One. What was requested.

Two. What we found.

Three. What we did and why.

Four. How the job was left when we were done.

With the full picture description, our account managers are able to fully articulate the details of the repair, and our customers are armed with the information they need to do their jobs.

Sure, this takes more time on our end, but it saves time for our customers and helps them make better decisions.

This is just part of our process for delivering helpfulness.