Earning Referrals Early

Woohooo! We are just a few weeks into real world testing the brand new EnvoyFM system with an early adopter customer. The results so far…incredible. Read on to find out why.

Why in the world would a customer who has only been with us for right at 3 weeks be willing to act as a reference?

The short story: communication levels increased dramatically while average invoices decreased substantially. Pretty awesome, right?

How the heck are we pulling this off when we don’t even self-perform? We use a simple, 4-step process.

One. Deliver on the Big 3.

Two. Reduce contractor time spent on site.

Three. Treat local providers really, REALLY well.

Four. Use the best technology…period.

Part One: Deliver on the Big 3

I believe there are three things every facilities manager needs from contractors. If you know me, you know I say this all the time. I call them the Big 3.

Excellent communication. Thorough follow-through. Fast invoicing.

If you disagree, dig into the major issues you deal with as a facilities manager, and you will find one of these 3 at the root of your issues. Better yet, pick your favorite contractor. I guarantee that company kills it in these 3 areas.

Part Two: Reduce Contractor Time Spent On Site

This one is tied to our proprietary work order management software. I can’t give  away details here. If you are super curious, let’s chat.

Part Three: Treat Local Providers Really Well

There is this crazy thing that happens to you when you treat people really well. What is it? They treat you really well in return. National vendors have a bad reputation of beating people up on price, demanding a ton, and then slow paying them. That’s a recipe for churning through contractors, and guess what? There are only a handful of great local vendors in a small town.

Part Four: Use the Best Technology…Period

This part is the most important. In order to pull all of this off, we need maximum levels of organization. There is no room in our fast-paced, highly reactive industry for more chaos. We need to bring the peace.

We needed a highly efficient work flow. Extra work had to be removed.

We needed highly accessible information quickly.

We needed a communication conduit with our contractors.

We needed to strip away redundant work and stay focussed on value adding work.

If a customer needs to know about a break in Kansas City our account managers need to know about a breaker in Kansas City, plain and simple.

If a work order comes in for a small town, we need to quickly select a vendor and dispatch a work order.

Basically, we need to free up time to allow people to be great at the people part of the business.

The Conclusion

It’s working.

Our customers are happy because they have great service at great prices.

Our vendors are happy because they have plenty of work and are treated fairly.

Our people are happy because people they get to focus on meaningful work: serving other people.