Envelope Pushers Needed

Do you like the push the envelope?

Are you an early adopter? The type of person who goes running in head first to try the new technology, product or service?

We are looking for you.

EnvoyFM looks like every other facilities maintenance provider on the surface.

Great service? Check.

Great communication? Check.

Will make all of your wildest dreams come true? Well … I guess that depends on how wild your dreams are. For now, we are sticking to the facilities maintenance world.

The differentiator isn’t technology, at least not in the general sense. There are others with “proprietary” software, and the word means different things to different “definers.”

The truth is, our eyes are on the horizon. Housing starts are increasing. Dramatically? Not yet. But they are growing and staying in line with the Median projections.

Why does this matter? Well, and new contraction grows, and the shortage of skilled workers continues to rise, rates will increase. It’s basic supply and demand.

Handymen will answer the call of the higher paycheck. Your facilities costs will increase if you do nothing about it.

So where does Envoy stand out and how is it different?

We push the envelope. I have spent years managing thousands of thousands of work orders. Our team has paid close attention to which processes provide the most efficiency and which are the most cost effective.

Facilities management costs are affected far greater by time spent onsite than the hourly rates you pay.

So … a focus on workflow and processes are more important than simply beating contractors down on their rates.

Are rates important? Absolutely. It’s just they are not the MOST important.

You may already know this. The lowest hourly rate guy is not always the lowest option, right? So how do you make this trend consistent across your entire portfolio of stores.

This is where we help.

Envoy has the most effective and efficient workflow process baked into our home grown work order management technology. On top of that, we have designed an NTE process from scratch that is proven to lower average invoices and deliver consistent service across your entire portfolio.

The best part is all of this is going on below the surface. We work with your call center, your team, your software. You don’t have to change a thing. We will even bring in your contractors if you like.

You end up with above average communication and service at below average costs.

We are looking for forward thinking facilities managers who are willing to be among the first to set a new industry standard.j