Handling Growth and Processes


Growing companies and departments are constantly outgrowing their processes. I have seen organizations where this is a weekly occurrence. It’s distracting and growth prohibiting. This is how we handle this at Envoy.

It’s easy to overcomplicate workflows when this much change is happening. Processes are added to existing processes. It’s easier this way. It requires less effort and less thought to carry out. The problem is this does not scale because it is reactive.

Instead, you should look to how the process should be revised according to what you want the future to look like.

There are 2 reasons for this.

First, growth means things are getting bigger. More people. More work. More moving parts. You simply can’t afford to be reactive when you are growing. It will handcuff you and steal your time. The processes you put in place today should be able to scale for the foreseeable future. You should be able to feed additional resources into the process without having to change the process itself.

Second, your processes need to be as simple as possible. Simple processes become adopted processes. The fewer non-critical moving parts the better. It’s easier to train on simple processes. It leaves room for people to be people and add human value to your business. Finally, it creates a culture of responsibility and problem solving because there are no “rules” to silo a task into the “somebody else’s job” category.

As your workload increases and your processes become outdated, don’t just add new parts. Re-work the process into one that will allow you to continue to grow.