Inviting Feedback


Envoy is obsessed with constant improvement. It’s one of the ways we are irrationally helpful. In fact, ask both our customers AND our contractors to tell us where we are failing constantly. Eventually they take us up on the offer. The result? We listen and make adjustments. Generally, we find we can answer improvement requests through implementing new features in our technology. We love to ask the question, “What are we doing that technology can do for us?” The answer to this question drives the development of our technology.

Last night, we pushed an update to our application to improve 2 areas. Our customers wanted better ETA updates on work orders that required returns (i.e. quotes, return with parts, etc.). Our vendors wanted an easier way to get us updates without having to email us and create a note in our system.

Now, our technology asks our vendors for updates until they provide the information we requested. This makes sure we are working jobs to a close faster. We also get the info and can update our customers accordingly. Additionally, we have improved our note functionality to act like a conduit of information without ever having to leave the app.

This is on the heels of updating our Action Items panel to include all open job statuses so our vendors always know what they need to work on for us.

Removing all of the busy work gives our account managers the time to do what humans were designed to do…help people.