Just Ask Our Customers

Hey Folks! Listen, communication wins, doesn’t it. Seriously, there is not a single attribute that strengthens the level of service for a contractor than incredible, high level communication.


Just ask our customers. They are happy because they are in the loop. They don’t have to chase down information. It is served to them.

So, since we believe great communication elevates our industry, here are out tips to get the most from your contractors.

1. Ask why?

Why is the uber-question. It cuts to the core of what so fast. If your contractor can’t tell you why, you are not getting the communication you deserve. Want even better information, ask why again. Heck, do it 5 times. We have found that 5 why’s gets you the whole truth.

2. Get the whole picture.

At Envoy we preach a 4 step method to information delivery. We state what was requested. What we found. What we are going to do and why. And finally, how the job will be left when it is done. When these bases are covered, it’s easier for customers to make a decision.

3. Don’t be grumpy.

Our industry can bring enough stress as it is. There is no reason to add to it. We believe people like working with fun people, so we make sure every interaction with our customers is a positive one.

One more thing. A funny thing happens when there is great communication in place. Costs aren't as high. It seems communication breeds honesty and helpfulness too.

Want to know what this level of communication feels like? Ask our customers. They will be glad to tell you.

Have a great day!