The Value of Communication


I remember my very first conversation with a retail facilities manager.

I was just put in charge of developing new facilities maintenance business for the company I was working for. I was nervous and hungry for my first account. Thanks to some wise counsel I asked this person, "What do we need to do to be your favorite contractor?"

It was a simple response. "Be a great communicator."

This answer defined my approach to service in the facilities maintenance industry, and it has helped shape every person I have ever had the opportunity to lead and train.

Communication is powerful. It is the thread that connects our customers to the work with which we are trusted. Our customers feel out of the loop and out of control without effective, proactive communication.

It's this approach that has given me the privilege to oversee tens of thousands of work orders and projects and build great relationships throughout the industry.

Simply put, customers will come to Envoy when they are frustrated with service providers who fail to communicate at the level they require.