Treat People Like People

In our team meeting the other day I asked the following question to our small team. “Why do our customers choose to send us work orders day after day?”


This is a very important question to us because the answer is what leads us towards the most important thing we do.

At first, all of the usual, boring answers came out.

  • Great customer service
  • Low cost
  • Follow through
  • Communication
  • Easy to work with
  • Convenience

While all of these reasons are true, I did not believe they were THE reason.

I pushed forward. "These are just the basics. Any company is capable of any of these. Why are we getting repeat business? What is the reason we are chosen over our competitors?”

Finally someone spoke up, “It’s because our customers enjoy working with us.”

Not bad, I thought. “Why?”

"Because we are nice.”

“Nice?” I asked.

“Because we treat them like people, not customers.”


This idea is at the core of our entire company culture. We call it being irrationally helpful. Being irrationally helpful means we do things that don’t make sense in order to serve someone else. Here are some ways we build irrational helpfulness into our culture.

We only hire amazing people who are fueled and fulfilled by making other people’s lives better. We hire people who exude an attitude of service at the office and in their personal lives. If you don’t like to help, you don’t make it in. If you are only about yourself and your accomplishments, you don’t make it.

We celebrate when an employee makes a sacrificial decision over one that would add quick money to our company.

Our leaders operate based on servant leadership principles where we view our job as clearing obstacles to help our employees thrive.

We have weekly one-on-one meetings with our direct reports where the agenda is set by the report, not the leader. The whole purpose of these meetings is to give our team members an opportunity to speak their point of view and get questions answered.

When it is simplified to one element, the thing that makes EnvoyFM different is our people…People who treat people like people.

Our dream is that everyone we interact with: vendors, customers, competitors, employees, bosses, strangers, everyone…that their day will be better because of the way we helped them.

At the end of the day, we will be remembered by the way we treat people.