What Does Your Day Look Like?

We are, and always have been, a group of people who learn how to serve from the people we are serving.

One of the ways we do this is through customer profiles.

Basically, in order to train our team to serve our customers, we must first understand what our customers’ day looks like, the problems they face, and what their dream contractor looks like.

This is why we are so focused on communication and helpfulness. Time after time, we hear our customers tell us it’s the best communicating and most helpful contractors who win.

Next we go one step further on a customer to customer basis. We ask you who we can help you be successful. What are your goals? How are you evaluated? How can we help you hit your metrics or get your bonus or simply make your day more enjoyable?

When we say we are here to help, we don’t say it in the “we are here to receive work orders from you” context. Though, we don’t complain since work orders keep us fed and living in doors.

We recently found a box supplier for a customer who had that problem on his desk. What did we get out of it? We got to help.

So, what does your day look like? What are you working to accomplish? What does success look like for you?

Tell us how we can help.