What We Look For In Our Vendors

We believe so strongly about what we are doing at EnvoyFM. Leveraging the best technology with awesome, service oriented people really works. One of the questions we get often from our customers is, "How do you qualify contractors?"

Our answer is simple because it's value oriented. We will only partner with companies who share our values and have commitment and capacity to execute on them.

While most national facilities maintenance vendors are searching for cost and coverage area, at EnvoyFM, we are focused on our vendors soft skills.

Our single most important goal is to be the most helpful facilities maintenance vendor in the business. We believe that success is defined by the level of service we bring to the people and organizations we interact with. We believe that it is our moral obligation to positively affect and influence every person (customer, vendor, and employee) that we interact with.

Naturally we demand our vendors to feel the same way.

In order to make it as an EnvoyFM service contractor, vendors have have an irrational commitment to communication and follow through. We ask numerous questions to get a feel if their company is led by a long-term thinking, big ideas, visionary. We ask about internal systems and roles. We ask about their goals and their plans for the future.

We want to get to who is behind each and every company.

What we find is that when we hire vendors who share our value of high level service, everything else works out, including cost. If you ask our customers, we perform well on that metric as well.

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