What Makes Envoy Different?


We know how hard you work to deliver an excellent experience for your customers, and we know how difficult it is to keep that experience consistent across all of your locations.


Operations are already busy with hiring, training, logistics, and operating your locations. Adding another set of processes to the mix is daunting. We get it. Maintenance is the last thing on your mind.

That is until something breaks.

Why recreate the wheel when it comes to systemizing asset and repair management when you can use a ready to go software tool. Our software comes with everything you need to manage repairs and prevent unnecessary costs effectively.

FM Dashboard helps you:

  1. Troubleshoot common issues and avoid paying for repairs.

  2. Know when equipment is under warranty.

  3. Understand your costs and repair history to make data-driven decisions.

  4. Understand which contractors charge you more than others.

  5. Track maintenance costs and budgets in real time.

  6. Automatically assign GL codes and capital expenditure codes to invoices.

  7. Download maintenance data for advanced reporting and analysis.


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