Happy Monday!


Here at Envoy, we thought we'd share what we do to start our days off right. And what better time to share than a Monday, am I right? Here goes...

Jamie: "I start every morning with yoga/meditation/devotional time, and of course, COFFEE to get my day started right."

Yes, Jamie. "Coffee" DOES belong in all capital letters. 

Scott: "I don’t always get this right, but here it is.

I am addicted to the 8 minute snooze button, so I set my alarm for 8 minutes before I need to get up…usual 5:52 am.

Most days, I either go for a run or do yoga before getting ready. If I am running, I either listen to an audio book at 2x speed, or I enjoy complete silence.

The goal is to either learn something or spend time thinking without any distraction. It’s amazing how your mind can solve problems when there is nothing else to focus on.

I also like to pray when I am running. Again, no distractions make for a lot of room to clear my mind. If I am doing yoga, then I listen to an audio book on the commute to work.

At work, I get my first cup of coffee and review my schedule for the day. When people start showing up, I like to check in and hear how everyone is doing. I don’t always get to everyone, but I try.

Also, I rarely eat breakfast because I feel it slows me down. It also makes lunch that much more awesome."

We sure do appreciate Scott's dedication to learning, and to seeing how we're doing each day. Thanks, Scott! Many good mornings to you.

Dean:  "I work out every weekday morning whether I want to or not. I find that it helps me grab a hold of the day as opposed to just kinda falling out of bed and into the day."

Get it, Dean. Show your day who's boss. #DoinWork

Josh: "How I like to start my day…brush my teeth, let the dog out. Get ready for work and see what the day brings."

Who let the dogs out? It was Josh. Thanks, Josh. 

Preston: "Hey, my best days start off, wake up, have some protein and work out. Make some coffee, wake up family, get them ready then get ready and head out to work early. Once at work, have some focus and reflection time,  then organize my day either by task I have already set or how I want to change it."

If you need a little efficiency in your day, ask Preston. He's got it down to a t. 

Sandra: "Hey! I do everything the night before. Everybody takes baths or showers, everybody’s clothes are put out and lunches are made. I plan out the next day the night before. The only thing I really do in the morning is let the dog out before my son wakes up, lol."

We all need a little bit of Sandra in the sun-ny mornings. She's got everything ready to go. Great job, Sandra.

Connor: "Usually, I get to the office and get a cup of coffee and then work on no-notes until about 11:30."

Connor also knows the power of a good cup of joe. No-note-joe to the rescue.

Oscar: "I guess one thing that I do every morning that is sorta unique and helps me with my day is I put in a few ice cubes into my coffee to cool it down. I don’t necessarily have the time to wait for it to cool down so I plop a few cubes in there."

When life is movin' too slow, just add a few ice cubes. Thanks for your wisdom, Oscar. 

Katie: "My days go best when I wake up about an hour before I have to start work. I like to wake up, feed my baby, and get some breakfast for myself. Then I go for a walk with my son and when we get back, I start working for the day."

When your son puts a little son-shine in your life to start the morning, you know it's gonna be a great day.