Meet Dean Phillips


Dean Phillips, Co-Founder at EnvoyFM

Dean Phillips is the kind of guy who lives to create and achieve, but never to brag about it.

His sense of humility and commitment have been crucial pieces of his character which have led him through all sorts of life experiences, and into the creation of Envoy.

Dean started Envoy with Scott Reyes because he wanted a place where they could come to work, and have fun at the same time.

Envoy has become just that. And along with an abundance of fun, Dean has loved to see his employees grow, both personally and professionally.

Dean’s life experiences and personal values all play a part in the success of that growth.

Down to the way he spends his personal time, Dean is always looking to make things better.

When he was in high school and college, this looked like long hours of practice on the basketball court, along with constant support and encouragement for his team members.

Now, he still takes a great deal of satisfaction in his work and in what he creates, whether that be a program he’s working or something he’s fixing at home.

Of course, not every day at work can be a fun one, and not every project works out the way it’s planned.

But Dean is motivated by his love for his family and kids to keep going. He lives in thankfulness to the work his parents did to provide for him, and he wants to do the same for his children.

On his weekends, Dean likes to spend his Saturday mornings getting doughnuts with his kids and spending time with them – even if that means watching all-day marathons on the Disney channel.

Perhaps his love for his own children is part of the reason why his heart is tugged at the thought of child hunger.

Dean is passionate about child hunger and food insecurity. When asked why he is so passionate about this topic, he responded:

“I don’t believe any child should go to bed hungry or wonder if they’ll have any food to eat for their next meal. I feel that just robs them of their chance at being a kid. You shouldn’t have to worry about that as a child.”

It isn’t hard to see how Dean’s compassion and hard work have led him to the success he’s currently enjoying with Envoy, and with his family.

But he’s always working to improve and develop as a leader.

Envoy is happy to have him, and proud to call him one of our founders.

Dean Phillips: Problem Solver. Humble. Irrationally Helpful.