Meet Josh Glass


Josh Glass, Client Account Manager at EnvoyFM

Most people, upon being assumed to be the parent of a child who is not theirs, would quickly dismiss the false notion and maybe have a little laugh at the mistake.

But if you are like Josh Glass, your sense of humor runs much deeper than that. And so, you take it a step further.

When asked how old “your” child is, rather than simply saying he’s not your child, you would quickly answer the stranger with the child’s age and grin like the proud parent that you are (right in front of the child’s actual parent).

Folks, this actually happened. And it was hilarious.

Josh takes pleasure in a good joke, and it’s one of the things that makes him fun to be around.

If you enjoy Josh’s sense of humor and decide you want to hang out but don’t know what to do, you can’t go wrong with a game of tennis.

But watch out, because Josh has been playing tennis regularly since he was 18. So maybe, only play if you happen to have a good attitude about losing.

Josh won’t rub it in (too much) though, if he should happen to win.

One reason he loves working at Envoy so much is because of the people here who consistently support and encourage each other. So, it would come as no surprise if Josh took the same care to encourage someone in their tennis skills.

Besides playing tennis, Josh likes to spend his weekends outdoors, whether he's tossing the ball around for his dog or having a bonfire in the backyard.

Josh also loves to spend time with his wife and other family and friends. And you can always catch him watching a good college football game on Saturdays.

And Josh does love football. Just ask him how he felt about the draft order for Envoy’s fantasy football league this year.

His passionate pleas for an order re-pick were nearly as entertaining as the actual game itself.

But despite his displeasure with the fate that fantasy football handed him, Josh is a team player who loves his coworkers – even the ones who got to draft first.

Josh’s loyalty to those he works with at Envoy is evident in the amount of hard work and dedication he puts into his work.

Even on the tough days, Josh is ready with a strong work ethic and an attitude of perseverance.

In his own words, Josh said, “I’ve always believed you get out of life what you put into it, so remembering that on the tough days help me to persevere.”

Josh is a lot of fun to be around, and also completely dedicated to the task at hand.

He lives out core values of Envoy, and we love having him around.

Josh Glass: Loyal. Dedicated. Irrationally Helpful.