Meet Sandra Bennett

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Sandra Bennett, Accounts Receivable Clerk at EnvoyFM

When Sandra Bennett walks into the room, two words that might come to mind are "delightful" and "friendly".

If you should think of those two words or any words like them, you'd be spot on in your analysis of your first impression of Sandra.

Sandra is both of those things and more.

Being extremely close to her family, Sandra spends a great deal of time with her loved ones and talks about them often. 

She actually affectionately refers to her family as "the wolf pack", and it is a fitting description of how close they are.

And she is not shy about sharing. If you are finding it difficult to strike up a conversation (which is not hard to do with Sandra), just start talking about family and you'll quickly learn that she has lots to share about her own, and is very relatable.

She would consider herself to be an "over-sharer", but the truth is that she is just honest and transparent, which makes her a great friend and person to talk to.

Sandra's love for her family is central to many of her interests and passions.

When asked what she is passionate about, Sandra responded by saying that she really cares about helping families who have special needs babies, or more specifically, babies with feeding problems.

She said, "I love reaching out to other parents right at the beginning when they feel like it’s going to last forever and that they have no options for alternatives because THEY DO."

Sandra is so full of compassion for other people who are struggling, especially when she knows she can offer a relatable approach to helping them.

Her own struggles are never wasted - she uses them to grow, move forward, and encourage others who have had similar life experiences.

When Sandra does have tough days, she is completely motivated to keep going simply because she loves others and wants to be there for them.

Sandra also has hobbies that she enjoys, including writing poetry.

You'd assume someone with so much compassion and openness to naturally be talented at expressing themselves through writing, and Sandra definitely is.

It doesn't hurt either that she graduated from UGA with an English degree, with an emphasis in creative writing and medieval literature.

With her skills in expressive writing and her passion for people, it makes sense that Sandra would aim to share inspiration with others.

It is a goal of Sandra's to attend a TedTalk. And as inspirational as Sandra is on a personal level, she'd definitely do well sharing what she knows with a platform of that kind.

Currently, she uses her skills to help people through Envoy, and we are thankful to have her as a part of our team.

Sandra Bennett: Compassionate. Relatable. Irrationally Helpful.