These ribs have made me famous….occasionally.

I started cooking about a year into my marriage, which was 16 years ago now. Wow, I am old.

My wife basically only ate chicken fingers and French fries and I was tired of that so I started cooking.  And she slowly started trying more and more kinds of food.  

One of the biggest helps for me in that time was Food Network, and a fun guy named Emeril. BAM!!!

Even though I didn’t have a smoker, I found this recipe for ribs and it changed our lives. 

The link to the recipe is right here. I wrote out my own techniques so you can cook yours the same way if you want to.



I use an oven, not a smoker.  Cook the ribs low and slow, wrapped in foil with a pan under them in case they leak. (Make sure you prepare for that cause rib drainage will ruin your afternoon and stink up your house). I usually cook them at 250 degrees for 6 hours or so, sometimes up to 8 hours or more.  Just depends on your desired level of fall-off-the-bone-doneness and if you want to take them out of foil and let them have more of a bark.  If you have a smoker and can do well at that, knock yourself out.


This time I used chipotle salsa instead of blended up chipotles which can be too hot for some folks.  Wasn’t as spicy but still pretty great.

If you want it hotter and use the chipotles, then use a blender to put everything in the pool together and avoid having to touch the pepper by chopping them by hand.

Also, I did not use five spice, though we have many times before.  I used ginger, cloves and a little wasabi powder this time. And let me tell you something, the wasabi pop was NICE, even before the glaze was put on.

I also took all the dry ingredients and rubbed them on the night before and let the pork sit with the goodness on overnight.  Knowing they were getting super seasoned helped me stomach the US Men’s National Team’s 2-0 loss to Costa Rica.




Also, I used a few different kinds of pork this time.  Baby ribs are usually the most expensive of the rib family so a few racks of those and you can be looking at $50 or so.  For the first time, I used a boneless country style rib as well. These came out great. 

The ones that got WELL done were like burnt ends and the majority of the others came out like a beef short rib type feel. The fell apart but had a nice medium well center with a good bark from long cook time. These only had to be cooked for 4 hours, but up to 6 for well done and more dry.

Also don’t use as much sugar; at 8 cups that is a TON.  I usually use half of that.  Also, it warns you about boiling over. PLEASE take heed of that.  Rib fat leaking in the oven is annoying, and sugary sauce over boiling and getting on your stove top is a nightmare.

So, in a lot of ways…I didn’t really use this recipe at all.  But this is my muse and has inspired some great ribs.  I like to think of myself as an aspiring Iron Chef, who is forced to use certain ingredients and figure out a way to make a great meal.  Plus, with 4 kids, often they have consumed something I needed and I don’t want to go back to the store for more.

Happy and Helpful cooking!