Meet Scott Reyes


Scott Reyes, CEO at Envoy FM

Just one conversation with Scott Reyes, and you will notice something about him: He is a learner.

If you find yourself on the other end of an interview with Scott, brace yourself for some questions that go beyond the topics of your last job or your ability to use Microsoft Word.

Scott is infinitely curious; a learner by practice, and a learner by nature.

This desire to learn is what makes him the great leader that he is.

It is the fruit of someone who cares a great deal about the person on the other end of the interview, and about the things in life that he is passionate about.

Scott’s greatest passion is self-education.

He understands that education doesn’t just have to be sought because someone is telling you to do it – It is the means to open doors of opportunity that would never be opened had the education not been pursued.

And Scott doesn’t just seek to learn about what he needs to improve his professional life; he learns about the things he enjoys, simply because he enjoys them and loves to feed his curiosity.

Baseball, for instance, is a hobby of Scott’s that he has learned more from than just the ability to hit a ball with a bat.

In his own words, he had this to say about baseball:

“Baseball is literally a game where the best hitters of all time fail 7 out of 10 times. It really teaches character and mental toughness.”

It’s no wonder why he loves the game so much, or why he spends so much time teaching the game to his kids.

Of course, having four boys probably naturally leads to a common interest in the sport.

But Scott is intentional about passing on these lessons to his boys, and about investing into his family.

Scott loves to spend time with his wife and kids – he is a family man, through and through.

If there’s a waterfall or mountain in Georgia that you think is worth visiting, let Scott know. He’d appreciate the tip and he’d enjoy every minute of discovering it with his family.

In exchange for the tip (or for free, just because he loves to share his discoveries), Scott would be happy to share some tips of his own about how to make life better.

If there’s one thing Scott would want people to know, it’s that fear is something that limits us, but it’s not something that needs to stop us from achieving our dreams.

Fear can be overcome.

Babe Ruth said it best: “Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game.”

Scott has embraced the opportunity to grow and create despite any fears he might have had.

And because of this, he has become a founder of a company that is daily making life better for the people it serves.

And this is what keeps Scott coming back every day.

He loves people, and he loves to help.

He will never stop humbly learning and sharing his knowledge with anyone he can.

Scott Reyes: Learner. Leader. Irrationally helpful.