Most retail and restaurant chains spend too much on maintenance and repairs.


The average retail and restaurant chain overspends on facilities and equipment maintenance the following ways:

First, money is wasted on paying for unnecessary repairs. Without a way to track repair history on locations and equipment, you pay for repairs that should be covered under warranty by the repair contractor or the manufacturer.

Second, they are unable to identify problem areas at locations and equipment. Without data and reports to show you which locations and equipment have higher than normal spending, you are unable to make decisions and put training in place to correct the cause. Instead, you keep reacting to the symptoms, and you keep spending money.

Third, they hire a “3rd party” or “national” contractor to manage their repairs for them. These companies charge you to perform work your company can handle if you have the right tools and resources.

Finally, they miss out on opportunities to improve the business because managers and operations staff are distracted by managing emergency repairs and other nagging maintenance issues.

With FM Dashboard from Envoy Facilities Maintenance, you get access to powerful software and services that help you take command of your maintenance spending, get your time back, and stop wasting money.

First, you get a powerful maintenance automation software, full of reports and best practice workflows that operate in the background and let you know when something needs your attention.

You will see all of your red flags in one place, like locations that are at risk or over budget, and assets that are repeatedly breaking down.

You and your team will easily create and manage work orders with automated work flows. FM Dashboard will automatically assign your preferred vendor, and let you know if they do not respond or don't show up on time.

You will keep excellent track of assets and repair history. You will never pay for the same repair twice, and get notified if a piece of equipment goes down multiple times.

You will easily manage contractors rates, and other compliance documents in one place. Don’t go searching for insurance, W9’s, or licensing again.

You will manage pricing, quotes, and invoices all in one place and from anywhere.

With unlimited users, and unlimited contractors, you and your vendors will not be nickled-and-dimed.

And, if you need custom software support, we have have that covered. You can save years of development time and tens of thousands of dollars in maintenance costs using FM Dashboard as a starting point for your software project.

Take control of your maintenance spending today. Get your time back, so you can focus on growing your business, and stop wasting money on unnecessary costs and repairs.

We are Envoy. Happy. Helpful. Facility Maintenance.

I really do appreciate all you guys do for us. I wished that we received the same level of customer service from all of our vendors.
— Jason Laird, Murphy USA

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If you need extra help, we have your back. You can choose to have a team of assistants ready to help you with delegated tasks or have a team of facilities professionals operate as your virtual facilities maintenance department.