Team Tuesday Highlight


F0r excellent communication skills...

Sometimes, jobs just don't go as you've planned them. 

This week, we ran into a bump in the road when a vendor had a hard time getting out to the job site due to some weather conditions.

But to the newest member of our team, Meagan Yockey, this was just the perfect opportunity for her to be helpful to both the vendor and our customer.

By using her awesome communication skills, Meagan was able to offer our vendor some reasonable options for days on which the job could be completed, while also having it done within our time frame. 

This gave the vendor the opportunity and freedom to choose what would work best for him, all while sticking to what needed to happen to meet the needs of our customer.

Awesome job, Meagan!! 

To see just how Team Envoy accomplishes things like this every day, take a look at this article from our CEO, Scott Reyes.