Creating Team Envoy

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We've shared before on how to pick the right people for your FM department.

One of the things we say, is that your FM managers do not necessarily have to have a background in facilities maintenance to be great at what they do.

So, we thought we'd share with you a little bit about the skill-sets that make Team Envoy great.

From experience in customer service to a background in the film industry, the list of our skill sets and experiences is truly a diverse, unique list.

People who get technology

Envoy has a couple people who fall under this category. One of our founders, Dean, is a programmer and did a lot of work to develop the software we use today. Scott, our CEO, also worked with Dean on this process.

They did such a great job of developing this software that our team is now easily able to use it every day. 

Technology should be something that every company invests in, and Envoy is definitely benefiting from having people on our team who know how to leverage it for the best.

Great researchers and critical thinkers

One of our best researchers and critical thinkers is Sandra. She has shown time and time again her ability to look for all the details, and connect the dots to improve things for our team.

"I am always looking at how to make something better, and trying to predict where the hiccups or roadblocks will be. I like to know what to expect, but like to expect more from any process already in place."

Really, everyone on Team Envoy has these traits. It's what helps us put out content, build our brand, and save our customers hundreds on work orders.

People who are empathetic

Great FM managers are people who can relate to the customer, because they've been there.

"One thing that helps is coming from the restaurant side before here… knowing and understanding what the stores are going through when something is broken." 

This quote came from Josh, and it's no wonder why he's able to be so helpful on the operations side of things. Joining him are Patrick and Oscar, both of whom also do a great job at relating to customers and being helpful any way they can.

Oscar has exhibited great skills in thinking quick to overcome obstacles on behalf of our customers, and Patrick does a great job at talking with people to make sure everything is covered. 

People who manage well

Many of our team members have been in positions where they had to make decisions to get the job done, and make sure others were doing their jobs too.

Again, great FM managers don't always come from the FM world.

"While working as a production coordinator on a film, we had 4 stand in actresses bow out early in the production. It held up production, and to save time and money, I stepped up and became the stand in for the lead actress. I was still able to complete my original responsibilities between takes, and kept the production on schedule."

With a background in the film industry, Meagan brought to our team experience in getting the job done, despite obstacles, and the ability to make sure tasks are done in a timely manner. 

Team members who contribute to your brand

Really, everything listed above contributes to building your brand.

Our team also has people who directly create the messaging and image that people see. 

With a history of marketing with Chick-fil-A, Jamie has brought a ton of experience to our team in our marketing department. She has pushed the content development to new heights. Paired with Katie's skills in writing, this has gone a long way to build Envoy's brand image.

And Preston has been a part of three different startups, helping all of them to grow. His experience has made him an awesome addition to Team Envoy.

So there you have it! We don't mean to brag, but we are certainly proud of the people we've got on our team. If your FM department (or even your company as a whole) is looking to improve, then finding people who exhibit these qualities will surely be of benefit to that goal. 

The value we find with Envoy is the support behind it. Their willingness to adjust, be agile, and craft a product that fits our needs is extremely beneficial to our company.
— Tommy Seabolt, Empire Petroleum